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Diablo III Announced

The internet guessed right, Blizzard announced Diablo III at their Worldwide Invitational in Paris.

The sequel to the action-RPG has been long in the works, with the last game coming out 8 years ago. The game, unlike many other PC games on the market doesn’t go the high-end graphics route, but takes the same road as Starcraft II, with stylized graphics, and a more simpler engine that won’t require a top of the line machine.

Diablo III will be set twenty years after the last outing, the heroes having gone insane, with the inhabitants of the world not knowing how close the destruction of came. There is no release date (Starcraft comes out later this year), how ever, they did say they intend to take as much time in the development process as the game needs.

Check out videos/pics at 1up.com.

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