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Dear Hollywood Filmmakers…


With the news coming out this week that Robert Rodriguez is working to re-make 1985’s ‘Red Sonja,’ as a starring role for his girlfriend, Rose McGowan, a number of similar Hollywood movies and Hollywood stories come to mind.  To many stories in fact, that one can only throw one’s hands up into the air and yell out profanities at top volume and repeatedly.  Hollywood filmmakers, please, stop making movies starring the women you’re banging.

Seriously.  We see through your façade.  You want to act like your wife/girlfriend/mistress is the reincarnation of Katherine Hepburn or Olivia De Havaland.  But it’s not true.  She’s just someone you’re banging.  Jane Fonda in ‘Barbarella.’  Cybil Shepherd in ‘Daisy Miller.’  Madonna in ‘Swept Away.’  Kate Bekinsdale in ‘Underworld.’  Dorothy Stratton in ‘They All Laughed.’  Rebecca Pidgeon in ‘The Spanish Prisoner.’  Mia Farrow in ‘Broadway Danny Rose.’  Kate Capshaw in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’

I know filmmaking is hard, and that you want to have your family with you.  That’s fine.  You can do that.  But you don’t have to put your family in front of the camera.  It’s called restraint.  And, sometimes, it’s okay to use it.

Now, this is not a hard and fast rule.  Of course there are exceptions.  Frances McDormand is incredibly talented and I am always excited to see her in a Coen Bros. movie.  She’s one of the reasons I’m so excited for ‘Burn After Reading.’  But Frances McDormand is an established movie star, one that doesn’t need her husband’s help in getting work.  What I’m saying is, it’s okay if you’re married to/dating/sleeping around with an actress.  It’s just when you begin to start putting her in your movies that things get complicated.

So, please, on behalf of filmgoers everywhere, lets give it a break.  Just for a little bit.  Please?  Thank you.  -Sam

5 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood Filmmakers…

  1. Kate Capshaw wasn’t in a relationship with Spielberg at the time Temple of Doom was being filmed. He was going through his divorce (hense the darkness of the movie). They later got together. Good article though – makes a good point. But, look at Tim Burton and Helena Carter..they make a good team.

    I would much rather see Hollywood stop making all these re-makes!

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