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‘Gellhorn’ Captures Gillian Andersons Attention

According to a Variety article, actress Gillian Anderson, has acquired the rights to a biopic of Martha Gellhorn, a journalist who covered wars from the Spanish Civil War to Vietnam.

Continuing my unfounded making fun of Gillian Anderson, I will give that news a “yawn” and a “meh.” You know what biopic I am waiting for? ‘Schwimming Up Stream: The story of David Schwimmer.’ I am first in line for that one. Let me just say, in my opinion, Schwims is the most bankable star in Hollywood. Take notice Hollywood.

What was this post about again? Gillyum someone? I am fairly certain there was some real news intent on my part before I realized that’s not what I do. What I do is kickass and punch holes of steamy sexiness through vats of gloopy ugly.

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