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Bobby Digital, AKA The Rzarector, AKA The RZA will be stepping into the directors chair to film a martial arts movie he has penned, ‘The Man with the Iron Fists.’

Are you nervous about a rapper turned director? Don’t be. The RZA has a talent for creating. He has worked with various directors on projects (Tarantino: ‘Kill Bill’, Jim Jarmucsh: ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ to name a few) and though he has never directed, martial arts movies have been a giant influence on his life. I mean Wu Tang was created around the ideas of these old martial arts movies. So trust Bobby Boulders.

I will be interested to see what kind of movie this is. Is it going to be an homage film?  Or will he build upon the old films and add his own flair? From seeing his other work, I can’t imagine it being anything less than a new perspective on the genre.

When he is done with that, here are some other ventures I would like to see The RZA take on: pet grooming, pharmacist, and host of AFHV.

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