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‘Hellboy’ Comes in on Top, No one ‘Meets Dave’

Hellboy IIIt was no shocker that Hellboy didn’t go up in flames this past weekend, taking the top spot with a $35.9 million dollar debut. It was also not a shocker when no one went to ‘Meet Dave,’ making the $5.3 million dollar opening one of Eddie Murphy’s career worst.

‘Journey to the Center of the Earth,’ a 3D film from New Line and Walden Media starring Brendan Fraser grossed $20.6 million, with the higher priced 3D tickets bringing in the higher gross. ‘Earth,’ came in at 3rd place.

Though the Guilliermo Del Toro directed ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’ showed strong legs, analysts are predicting an almost certain drop as ‘The Dark Knight,’ premieres after a strong viral campaign this Friday.

The box office rounds out with ‘Hancock’ in 2nd place with a 47% drop a $33 million in its sophmore session, and Pixar film ‘WALL-E” came in at fourth place, with a $18.5 million total.

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