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‘The Dark Knight’ Already Breaking Records

So the film officially comes out tonight (who’s got their midnight showing tickets in their sweaty little hands?), and while buzz about it has me thinking this movie could be the greatest thing since sliced bread and will pick up accolade after accolade, ‘The Dark Knight’ has already broken its first record before it’s even officially out of the gate. Apparently the film is now the official record-holder for largest amount of screenings for a film. The prior record holder was ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ with 4,366 domestic screenings. ‘The Dark Knight’ is opening with a staggering 9,200!! Still, you wonder if this will be enough to defeat ‘Space Chimps’, also opening this weekend, at the box office.

Check out the full report here!

Also, if you missed all of the viral marketing, check out this excellent wrap-up of the events in the campaign that tells the story of what happened in Gotham between ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ here!

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