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Alan Moore on ‘Watchmen’

Alan MooreSo if you’re a comic book fan, it’s no surprise that Alan Moore is considered by many to the one of the “greats” of genre. And if you know that, you also know that he’s not a big fan of any of the adaptations of his comic work to the big screen. ‘From Hell’, ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, ‘V for Vendetta’ all fell short in his eyes and he has been vocal about his displeasure with each of them. Now, with Zack Snyder adapting his arguably most famous piece, ‘Watchmen’, the world is equally excited/tense about how well Snyder will do adapting the piece. They’re also a little curious about what Moore’ll think about it all. Will this be the film that changes his opinion?

Probably not, from the sounds of it. Check out this interview with Moore regarding things and stuff, kicking off with a discussion of the upcoming adaptation here!

And check out this comparison of the teaser trailer just released with the corresponding comic panels from Moore’s book by someone whose name I assume is Captain Has Way Too Much Time on His Hands But I’m Better For His Efforts here!

Will this change Moore’s mind? I mean, it’s pretty impressive how well Snyder captured those panels. But we all know that the visuals are only half of the equation. And with Moore being the author, it’s not the half he’s totally vested in. So we shall see.

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