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More ‘Tintin’ Updates

As a huge fan, I’m following the Spielberg produced Tintin trilogy quite closely. Today it was announce that Steven Moffat, screenwriter of such shows as “Coupling,” and “Jekyll” has turned town a contract to write the first two films in the Tintin trilogy that has both Spielberg and Peter Jackson in the directors chairs respectively.

Apparently, Moffat was offered the chance to write for ‘Doctor Who,’ a long time dream job that he could not deny. He did however finish the first ‘Tintin’ script before the writers strike.

He was allowed out of a $2 million dollar contract he signed to write the ‘Tintin’ scripts. His paycheck for ‘Doctor Who’ will be about 30% of what he would have been paid to write the second ‘Tintin’ film.

The ‘Tintin’ film is still on track, with Spielberg beginning the first film before the end of this year.

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