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McG With Terminator Salvation Details

Some good news emerged about Terminator Salvation at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend. There have been quite a few rumors flying around about pressure on McG for bringing in a the film at a PG-13 rating. McG told the audience that “I’ve been given their blessing to make the picture…and if it’s a rated R picture, then that’s that.” He’s apparently not against a PG-13 film, but its will all depend on what the final version of the film is.

The film will feature machines that you only saw in quick passing shots in the Cameron had in his films. The Harvesters, will have a prominent role, “stomping through the future, harvesting people.”

McG also aims at telling the story of Kyle Reese (who was sent back to stop the first Terminator from killing Sarah Connor, the mother of the lead protagonist in this film), showing how he developed.

New Comic-Con PosterThe film will have as much silver treatment as a typical black and white film, giving the film a more ethereal quality. McG cited the inspiration as ‘Children of Men.’

Also, the film will end on a cliffhanger, getting audiences ready for another outing.

Well, I’m feeling a little bit better about this, what do you guys think?

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