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Edge of DeNiro Comeback?

Well, here is some good news for all your pissy pants who got all offended by my Top 10 worst DeNiro movies.  Looks like he has signed on for a leading role in the Mel Gibson comeback, Edge of Darkness. Bobby will play “an operative sent to clean up the evidence”, whatever that means.  The film, directed by Martin Campbell (new Bond flicks) is about Gibson’s search for his daughter’s murderer, and all the crazy shit he uncovers about her during his investigation.  I know I have been a little harsh on DeNiro in the past, but it’s only because I love him, right?  I mean…the fact that he has reduced himself to terrible comedies and underwhelming action movies just breaks my heart.  One could argue that those movies were “pretty good” and what-not, but I don’t want pretty good with fucking Robert DeNiro…I want amazing!!  This could have poential.  I mean, if it can break Mel Gibson out of his 6 year semi-retirement, then it the script must have something a little juicy in it, right?

Let’s hope.

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