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Sommers to Direct ‘Tarzan’

Will wonders never cease. Stephen “I Wreck Movies” Sommers is in negotiations to direct a new reimagined version of ‘Tarzan, Lord of the Apes’ for Warner Bros.

The script will be adapted by Sommers and Stuart Beattie (‘Collateral’) and be produced by Jerry Weintraub. In true Sommers fashion, rather then looking at the original tone set by the past films, they are taking a completely new approach to the man who was king of the apes.

I’m ragging on Sommers a lot here due to his performance on The Mummy and Van Helsing films. He took some great properties, added his own muddled vision, and ruined some classics in the process.

The project, announced two years ago originally had Guillermo del Toro attached. Add this to Sam’s “Remake this” column.

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