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Mortal Kombat Reimagining on the Horizon

With the Street Fighter franchise seeing a reboot soon, Production company Threshold and Midway are anxious to dust off the Mortal Kombat franchise. However, the director of the new film, Christopher Morrison told Moviehole that the film is a ways away from production.

Despite its so-called indie status, the films budget is projected to be around 50-60 million. Morrison told the web site that things were still in the “money stage.”

The production company is working out financing, and despite frustrating fans, “that’s the fact.”

There is no word on cast, though, the director told Moviehole that they’ve met with the past cast, and they are all in the mix, but “money must come first, so casting is still a few steps away.”

Didn’t we say everything we needed to say with the first two Mortal Kombat send-ups?

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