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It’s funny, because I got a lot of flack for writing up my 10 Worst Robert DeNiro movies essay in which I said basically in a nutshell that he hasn’t been good for over 10 years and that I feared his best days were long long gone.  It’s like he doesn’t even try or care anymore.  Well, I ate my words slightly when he signed on for the high profile Edge of Darkness along side Mel Gibson.  I was totally excited.  “This could be a huge comeback!”, thought I.

Alas, I should have seen it coming.  It was announced yesterday that DeNiro has pulled out of the project.  Generally I stay away from internet lingo, but WTF!  This could have been something special.  DeNiro and Gibson excited me as a duo for some reason.  They were both pretty close to being cast in the Departed, with DeNiro supposedly looking at the Martin Sheen role and Gibson eyeballing the Baldwin role, but it never happened.  This project would have brought these two powerhouses together in a great way.  Gibson needs a hit too, but his excuse is he hasn’t even been in a movie since 2002, so Melly gets a pass.  DeNiro has no excuse.  So thank you Bobby for proving my point, even though it makes me a little sad.  I guess we will all just have to settle for the mediocre at best Righteous Kill or the inevitable Meet The Parents 3 or maybe he will pull out all the stops and give us Showtime 2.

So thank you, Mr. DeNiro for proving my point that your best years are a fading memory.  Sadly for us fans, thanks for nothing.

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