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Simon Pegg to Appear in Tintin?

It’s no secret, I’m one of the three American’s excited for the new Spielberg/Jackson ‘Tintin’ trilogy, and this week, a lot of news has been coming out from the mill, the big news of the week being Universal backing out of funding the trilogy.

This latest news comes from The Times Online, apparently, Simon Pegg (‘Hot Fuzz,’ ‘Shaun of the Dead’) was told by Steven Spielberg that perhaps he and Nick Frost could play Thomson and Thompson, a pair of bumbling detectives that often pursue the wrong suspect (oftentimes even arresting poor Tintin).

The obvious physical differences between the two actors may bring up a slight problem, though, since the film is animated/motion captured CG, the two could be made to look like each other. For example, in th eCG/Mo-cap film Beowulf, Ray Winstone definitely has no resemblance to his on screen character.

This story can’t get more exciting, the chance of this being a success frightens me a little, but, if they do this right, they’ll introduce the Belgian reporter to a whole new generation of kids.

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