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Eagerly Awaiting ‘Solace’ Part 1

With the latest James Bond movie, ‘Quantum of Solace,’ opening in the US on November 145h, (and even earlier in other parts around the world,) the anticipation, (and the marketing) for the movie is in full force.

The blu-ray DVDs of six previous films is coming out.  The latest book, ‘Devil May Care,’ is coming out in paperback soon.  And another ‘Bond’s Greatest Hits’ CD, featuring many of the title songs is also coming out shortly.

This column is the first in a series, designed to simply help fans count down until the release.  However, instead of pushing more products on you, (the films do a good enough job of that, thank you very much,) we’re going to focus on things that celebrate Bond.

And in this first column, a look at a new YouTube feature I have found and have really enjoyed.  Superfan Dan Gale, (well, I’m assuming he is… given the amount of research, I’d think he’d have to be,) has put together a series of videos pointing out some of the gaps in logic and mysteries that surround the Bond films. From why Bond is wearing Jesus sandals, to whether Ian Fleming himself appeared in any of the films, or what’s the deal with Bond’s drink order, the Bond Mysteries isn’t afraid to ask the important questions.

What I love most about these is that they are clearly the work of someone who loves the movies.  I’ve put a few of my favorites below.  You can find the rest on YouTube.  Enjoy.  -Sam

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