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Eagerly Awaiting ‘Solace’ Part 2


One thing the James Bond films are not shy about are tie-ins and marketing.  From the beginning, the films have always been released in tandem with a large array of different products, toys and games.  Along with the products, there are always promotional shows.  These programs always include a couple of new clips from the most recent adventure, but also spend a lot of time looking at the old films.

They’re usually broken up into the same categories each time: best villian, best Bond girl, best gadget, etc..  While there is absolutely nothing new to be gleaned from these specials, there’s always something about them that gets me excited for the next Bond film.  Which is the point, I guess.

Here’s a show I haven’t seen previously, and seems to do things a bit different.  From ITV in England, it’s called ‘Best Ever Bond,’ and has the added cachet of being hosted by Sir Roger Moore.  Voted on by fans, the show is a countdown of the top ten best Bond sequences ever committed to film.  Enjoy.

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