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‘Payne’ Tops Weekend Box Office


The latest film based on a video game was tops at the box office this past weekend.  ‘Max Payne,’ starring Mark Wahlberg, (who, just so you know does not talk to animals… No matter what ‘Saturday Night Live,’ may tell you,) opened at number one, raking in $18 million.

The confusingly popular ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ continued to make money for Disney, coming in at number two, adding $11.2 million to bring it’s total haul to $69 million.

‘The Secret Life of Bees,’ also based on a video game, (ok, not really,) opened strong at number three, bringing in $11.1 million.

Oliver Stone’s ‘W.’ didn’t perform as hoped, opening at four and taking in $10.6 million.  Of course, things could be worse for ‘W.’.  It could have been ‘Sex Drive,’ which, despite an almost constant assault of advertising opened at number nine, eeking out $3.57 million.

So, no matter how well a talking dog does, sometimes humanity rewards you by not falling for and giving money to yet another stupid sex comedy.  I kind of feel a little better about my fellow humans.  -Sam

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