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Leno to Host Prime-Time Show

For some reason, Jay Leno just refuses to go away. NBC announced that the soon to be former late show host is going to host a show, five nights a week at 10PM EST, a time slot usually reserved for one hour dramas. NBC has had shows like Law & Order, ER, etc. in this time slot.

These days, the one hour 10pm drama is fading, so they are taking a risk and bringing in Leno to an audience that is apparently 50% larger then Leno’s current time slot.

So, NBC will have Leno at 10, Conan at 11:30, and….Jimmy Fallon at 12:30….

Leno hasn’t been funny in a very long time, I’m not sure moving him to 10pm will change that, and as far as Fallon, well, lets just say I’m curious how this is going to turn out for NBC.

2 thoughts on “Leno to Host Prime-Time Show

  1. I am waiting for them to announce that, based on ratings research, they have decided to re-run the first hour of the Superbowl every night at 9:00.

  2. None of the late night shows seem to be very funny these days, but I still think Leno beats Letterman in terms of being funny. I’ve tried and tried to watch Letterman, but watching it, and watching people laugh at the stupidest things just makes me nauseous.

    I’m happy that Leno got a new show. Now it’ll basically be like the old lineup at an earlier hour so people can actually watch Conan and Leno without staying up too late.

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