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Hanson to Head Action Thriller “Gemini Man”

Curtis Hanson, the director of “LA Confidential,” “Wonder Boys,” and “8 Mile,” is talking with Disney about helming the action thriller “Gemini Man.”  The project has been in development since 1997.  The most recent draft of the script was written by David Benioff, (“25th Hour,” “Troy”).  Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

The story is about an aging NSA agent who wants to retire, but his time off is disrupted after he is targeted for death.  Oh, and the guy trying to kill him is a younger version of himself.

Usually the words “cloning story,” and “Jerry Bruckheimer,” will send me screaming from the room.  But I am a huge Curtis Hanson fan.  I think his movies are always well thought out and worth the time it takes to watch them.  Hell, I even enjoyed “Lucky You.”  (Check out the review if you don’t believe me.)  Since this script has been kicking around for 12 years, I’ll wait until they start shooting until I will assume it’s Hanson’s next project.  -Sam

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