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DeNiro, Stiller & Wilson Sign On For More “Fockers”

Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have all signed on for the third film in the popular “Fockers” films.  This new film was originally going to be called “Meet the Little Fockers,” but Universal decided it was too much of a mouthful, so it’s been shortened to simply, “Little Fockers.”

The storyline involves Stiller and his wife, (played by Teri Polo in the first two films and, reportedly, she is close to signing for number three,) having a baby and then Stiller’s wife’s father, (played by Robert DeNiro,) becomes suspicious of his intentions.  Halarity sure to ensue.

I am not a huge fan of this film series, but, seeing as the first two made $800 million, I guess it’s not too big a surprise that a third film got green-lit.

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