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WB Picks Up ‘Darkness’

Warner Bros. has acquired Boston-based Mel Gibson film ‘Edge of Darkness,’ directed by Martin Campbell. The film is based on a BBC miniseries, and tells the story of a homicide detective whose only child is murdered in front of his home.

The film was produced by ‘Departed’ producer Graham King, and the producer of the original miniseries Michael Wearing. Also, King brought in ‘Departed’ scribe Bill Monahan, and Andrew Bovell.

The film also features Departed alumn Ray Winstone. It’s kinda funny how many on the ‘Darkness’ team were in the Departed (can you tell my Boston bias?)

A big worry in looking for distribution with this film was if any studio would touch Mel Gibson after his drunken racist tirade a few years ago.

The film has me intrigued and interested, so, thanks WB for helping this see the light of day (not that I had any doubt).

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  1. Hi Lonely Reviewer: Have you read Mr. Monahan’s epistolary story “Dining Late with Claude La Badarian”? It’s been reviewed here (http://www.needcoffee.com/2008/12/29/claude-labadarian/). You should review it too! It’s a genius piece of literature and the more people reading and thinking about it the better off we will be as a culture. I’m reading up on the French Revolution to see how that figures into Dining Late. Best, Willy D.

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