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Fox Miffed at Blogger

Apparently Fox is a little miffed at their own entertainment blogger Roger Friedman, who posted a review of the leaked version of ‘Wolverine.’ Despite the fact that the review was mostly positive.

The “blogosphere” (god I hate that word) was abuzz with people calling for the dismissal of Friedman, as there had been a boycott of reviewing the film. Personally, I don’t have anything against at least giving a review of the film as as work in progress, I just find it sort of funny that a representative of Fox News reviewed the film its sibling 20th Century Fox tried so hard to block from leaking.

They say that this leak could cost the company millions in ticket sales. But personally, I don’t think this will effect it in the least. There is a lot of buzz on this film, and people want to see Hugh Jackman in this X-Men spin-off.

Word is that Friedman has been fired, but as of now, his blog is still up, minus the ‘Wolverine’ review.

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