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Sony Moving Forward with ‘Venom’

VenomSony has hired ‘Zombieland’ writers Pual Wernick and Rhett Reese to pen a Spider-Man spin off focusing on the villain Venom. The details of the script are deeply under-wraps (of course), and seem to be focusing on the mythology of the  character.

Personally, the last Spider-Man in my humble opinion was a turkey. I hated everything about it, including Topher Grace as Venom. It made no sense to me to go from one of the best comic book movies to one of the worst, but I still hold high hope for this one.

One thought on “Sony Moving Forward with ‘Venom’

  1. for me the orginal venom is the best so dont change it becasuse the scorpion venom is rubbish,
    they turned two good spidy bad guys into one crap bad guy =/ im just sayin

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