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Editorial: Stay Alert


If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you might be aware that we called for a boycott of the AMC movie theater chain.  I had what could be considered an incredibly disheartening conversation with the manager on duty who suggested that as long as the ratio to non-complaining patrons isn’t outweighed by complaining patrons, they could continue to offer a sub-par experience.

Today I spoke with both the general manager of the theater that was less than stellar, as well as the general manager for customer services for AMC.  Both apologized for the experience and promised to rectify the situation.

While I’m pleased that they responded and did address my concerns, I feel this is a reminder for both sides to remain alert.  Movie theater operators should pay close attention to the quality of the product that they are offering.  There are hundreds of different ways to see a movie these days, and they should do everything they can to keep audiences happy.  Their trump card is that there is nothing like seeing a movie in a packed theater with everyone on the edge of their seat, enjoying every minute.

However, it’s also a reminder for theatergoers to no stay alert.  If your movie-going experience is not top-notch, say something.  Keep theater managers honest.  Movies are expensive these days.  Make sure you get a high quality product.  Expect it.  Demand it.

One thought on “Editorial: Stay Alert

  1. I feel like going to the movies now is a completely different experience then it was 10 years ago. I feel like there was more of an “experience.” Now its pay a ton of money, and close the lobby door yourself.

    These chains have to take a long look at what their doing, and go back to the hey-day, when going to the movies was something special.

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