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Gondry’s “Thorn” Bought At Cannes

Oscilloscope Labratories, the film distribution company owned by MCA of the Beastie Boys has bought Michel Gondry’s documentary, “The Thorn in the Heart,” at Cannes.

The movie is about Gondry’s aunt Suzette, and her relationship with her son, Jean-Yves.  It also explores Suzette’s years as a school teacher.  Gondry uncovered new family stories while shooting the movie.  “The Torn in the Heart,” will open in theaters and then be distributed on DVD and digitally.

Gondry explained telling his family about the sale thusly: “”So I called up my best friend Etienne and told him, ‘Guess who’s distributing my documentary about my aunt?’ and he said, ‘who?’ and I said, ‘MCA from Beastie Boys’ and Etienne said, ‘The Beastie Boy bought your Aunt’s documentary?! Get the f* out of here!’ and I said, ‘Yeah!!!'”

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