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MacGruber the Movie?

Will Forte appeared on Late night With Jimmy Fallon last night, and entered the show to the theme for MacGruber. Fallon asked Forte if there were any plans for a MacGruber movie, apparently, they’ve already finished writing it.

I find the sketches occasionally funny, but, so sit through an entire movie with the same joke, I just don’t really think it lends itself to that sort of adaptation. There are even occasional times in the sketch where I’m like, ok, this is overstayed its welcome. But as always, I’ll save final judgement till I see the movie. Forte told Fallon,  “John Solomon, Jorma Taccone, and I just finished writing it. We’re gonna make it in Albuquerque. It’s me and Kirsten Wiig and cast to be determined.”

I do love Kirsten Wiig. Okay maybe it’ll be good.

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