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Peter Morgan Joins Bond Writing Staff

Peter Morgan, Oscar nominated writer of “Frost/Nixon,” and “The Queen,” has been annouced as joining Neal Purvis and Robert Wade as working on the script for the 23rd James Bond movie.

Purvis and Wade have been writing the Bond scripts since “The World Is Not Enough,” though they’ve had help on “Casino Royale,” and last year’s “Quantum of Solace,” and it seems that their work is much improved by having another writer give it the once-over.  (Don’t get me started on “The World Is Not Enough.  Seriously.)

Bond 23 will once again star Daniel Craig, (the third film in his four movie contract,) and will most likely be released in 16 months.  Other than that, there is very little information about the movie.  This is the first real news about the film and, in my opinion, it’s the right kind of news.  Can’t wait to see what they cook up this time.

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