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Review: Brüno

BrünoBrüno. What can one really say about this movie? It stars Sacha Baron Cohen, the genius behind Da Ali G Show, and the hit film Borat. You’re either a fan of the humor, or not. I could praise the movie to no end, or damn it to hell, if you like Cohen, you’re gonna see it either way.

Brüno, the gay Austrian fashion commentator much like Borat has a dream that he’d like to see to fruition by the end of the film. Shunned from the fashion world after a crazy stunt during Milan Fashion Week, Brüno comes to the United States to become a celebrity. He starts by putting together a hilarious pilot for a talk show, interviewing celebrities like Paula Abdul, and talking Hollywood news. The presentation of this pilot to a focus group is quite possibly one of the most disturbing yet uncomfortably hilarious things I’ve ever seen in a Hollywood film.

One failure after another, Brüno tries and tries to find stardom, but always comes up short. The film is made in the same style as Borat, a mock-u-mentary, shooting with unsuspecting everyday people (or so they say).

‘Brüno’ for the most part has the exact same formula as Borat. Coming to america, the funny sidekick/friend, the uncomfortable and hilarious interviews. But, something does feel a bit different on this outing. Things felt like they moved very fast, and the interviews only lasted a few moments each. Not that I go to see these movies for the story, but Borat’s felt a litle bit more like a journey. Also perhaps the problem with Brüno is that it isn’t much different then Borat in a lot of ways. But personally, I had no problem laughing till my sides hurt with a sold out audience. I definitely feel that it is time for Cohen to move forward to a completely new character we’ve never seen before, I definitely love the angle of surprising and shocking folks, and I definitely can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.

Perhaps the success of Borat made it harder for Brüno/Cohen to maintain the surprise on unsuspecting interviewees. Or people were more willing to buy into a foreigner from a country they know very little about then a gay fashion commentator. But in all, if you enjoyed the raunchier parts of Borat, then Brüno is definitely for you.

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