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P.T. Barnum Biopic in the Works

Variety has reported that it has acquired a biopic about Showman P.T. Barnum, known for the “Greatest Show on Earth.” The story came in the form of a pitch from Stan Chervin (‘Moneyball.’ ‘J Mac’), and will be produced by Todd Garner.

P.T. Barnum and his museum of wonders was a minor character in ‘Gangs of New York,’ and I’m definitely interested in the story. Obviously this is very early in the development process, but its a movie I’d be excited to see.

3 thoughts on “P.T. Barnum Biopic in the Works

  1. PT Barnum would make a great subject for a biopic. Hard to believe they haven’t done it already. It’s also hard to believe a Cecil B. DeMille biopic hasn’t been made yet. DeMille won best picture for The Greatest Show on Earth which inspired Steven Spielberg to make movies. Good news is that the C.B. DeMille biopic script is being considered by some A-list actors and will be in the works very soon.

  2. The Cecil B. DeMille biopic is in development. Word behind closed doors is that Spielberg is on the short list to direct, but complications may arise in dealing with Brad Grey at Paramount who may want to capitalize on DeMille’s prior films such as the Ten Commandments, Sampson and Delilah, and The Greatest Show on Earth. Will Martin Scorcese step up to the plate to hit this one out of the park? Breaking news is on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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