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Jackson Talks “Hobbit,” “Tintin”

Peter Jackson was at Comic-Con this year and appeared on three different pannels.  Of course, he was swamped with questions about “The Hobbit.”

Jackson said that they were three weeks away from delivering a budget for the first film.  Once that is done, they will use that script as a basis for the budget for the second film.  They haven’t started writing the second film yet.

At an after party, someone from Dark Horizions was able to corner Jackson and ask him what Tintin book he was going to adapt for the second film in the series he’s making with Steven Spielberg.  Jackson said he hadn’t made up his mind yet, but was a big fan of the two-part books “The Crystal Balls”/”Prisoners of the Sun.”  This makes sense since Spielberg is adapting “Secret of the Unicorn”/”Red Rackham’s Treasure,” for film number one.

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