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Hamm Joins Affleck Cast

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm has joined the cast of Ben Affleck’s second directorial effort.  The movie is called “The Town,” and is based on Chuck Hogan’s novel, “Prince of Theves.”  (I haven’t read the book myself, but am assured by those who have read it that there is no mention of Kevin Coster in it.)  Already cast are Affleck and Rebecca Hall.

The plot of the book is reportedly about a career criminal who falls in love with the manager of a bank he just robbed.  Affleck is said to play the criminal, Hall will play the manager.  Jon Hamm will play the FBI agent on Affleck’s tracks.

I loved “Gone Baby Gone,” and have high hopes for this.  That said, it couldn’t be worse than “Daredevil,” could it?

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