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Did Lindsay Lohan Get a Job?

And when I say ‘job,’ I don’t mean to imply that going out to parties and premieres isn’t hard work.

If Twitter accounts are to believed, and if Lindsay Lohan is telling the truth, she’s gotten herself a job that requires showing up and doing something in exchange for money.  Apparently, this weekend Lohan tweeted something about an official deal and then posted a link to Robert Rodriguez’s “Machette” IMDB page.  Is she working on this movie?  With Robert DeNiro?

Rodriguez recently told MTV that he’d have a job for Lohan if she wanted it.  Maybe he’s trying to make like his buddy Quentin and resurrect people’s careers.  Is this true or only wishful thinking on Lindsay’s part?  We’ll have to wait to find out…

(Oh, and did you know she turned down a part in “The Hangover,” because she reportedly thought it “had no potential?”  Just something else to consider…)

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