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‘Shutter Island’ Release Date Moves to February 2010

In a move that’ll destroy ‘Shutter Islands’ chances this Oscar season, Paramount has delayed the release to Febuary 2010. Everyone and their mother just let out a collective ‘wtf.’

The online word is that Paramount can’t afford the money to market the film leading up to its release, and that DiCaprio wouldn’t be available to promote the film.

I’m sorry, you can’t come up with the money to sell a film directed by Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese, based on a book written by the guy behind Mystic River?? This is mind boggling. Especially since the film didn’t even have a tiny bit of competition the weekend it was being released.

Whatever Paramount, so now I have to wait even longer to see a movie I’ve been waiting over a year for, its not like my rant will change it.

One thought on “‘Shutter Island’ Release Date Moves to February 2010

  1. Seriously? I’m upset that it’s going to be another 4 months until I get to see this. Judging from the trailer, I don’t think this has Oscar written all over it. As awesome as “Cape Fear,” was, it didn’t set the world a-fire come awards season.

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