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Depp Announces “Pirates” 4

At the D23 Expo, (the Disney company’s take on Comic-Con,) on Friday, Disney Chairman Dick Cook announced that a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be released summer, 2011.  The next movie, (the series’ fourth,) will be sub-titled, “On Stranger Tides.”  Johnny Depp also made an appearance at the announcement, dressed as Jack Sparrow.  There was no announcement which other characters and actors would be returning for the fourth film.

Hopefully the time away from the series will allow the writers to come up with something interesting and novel.  In my opinion, the second film burned off any good-will the first film created within minutes of starting, (something I witnessed firsthand with an audience full of excited kids on opening day,) and the third film was God awful, with the only real action coming from watching the wheels of the plot grind into place.  Not a good time.  And yet, I really liked the first one.  Hopefully they’ll improve things with number four.

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