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“Arrested Devlopment” Movie Coming

It’s been talked and rumored about for some time now.  Usually the person doing the talking have been someone with no ties to the project, or one of the cast members of the TV show, but now, Reuters is reporting that creator Mitch Hurwitz and co-executive producer James Vallely are working on the “Arrested Development” feature film.  The pair is also currently working on a sitcom for Will Arnet, the actor who played GOB on the show.

Hurwitz has said in the past that he didn’t want to do a movie unless the entire cast is involved.  Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and Arnet have seen their careers boom since the show was cancelled.

On a personal note, I’m excited, but worried.  What if the movie doesn’t live up to the show?  My fingers are crossed, hoping for the best.  The report says shooting could start as soon as this spring.

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