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Cassar to Helm ‘Motorcade’

Jon Cassar, best known for his stellar work on FOX’s 24, has signed on to direct ‘Motorcade’ for DreamWorks.

Cassar opted out of working on the final season of 24 to direct ‘Motorcade’ which will be his first feature film. The studio is aiming to begin production by late summer or early fall 2010, and is eyeing Ryan Reynolds to play the disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when a U.S. president is kidnapped.

The film was originally in development with Len Wiseman in the directors chair, and Tom Cruise as the lead.

The film definitely sounds like something up Cassar’s alley, his 59 24 episodes were some of the shows best. He has an eye for this type of film, and I always enjoy these sort of political action thrillers. Those of you who haven’t seen 24: Redemption, pick that up today! So all in all sign me up for this one!

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