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Edward Woodward Dies at 79

Actor Edward Woodward, known for his role in the 1973 movie, “The Wicker Man,” has died at age 79.

Woodward also starred on TV’s “The Equalizer,” from 1985 to 1989.  He also appeared in the movies “Hot Fuzz,” and “Breaker Morant.”  Woodward reportedly was battling several illnesses at the time of his death, including pneumonia.

Frequent readers of this site already know of my unabashed love for “The Wicker Man,” and understand how his understated and restrained performance is the root to a note-perfect performance and contributes to the perfect movie.  Edward Woodward will be missed.

PS-  Edgar Wright, co-writer and director of “Hot Fuzz,” posted his memories of working with Woodward and their friendship.  It’s a very nice tribute.

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