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Dear Santa, this is on my Christmas list…

This has got to be the best film-related book release this holiday season.  After the release of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Stanley Kubrick began research for his next movie, the list story of Napoleon.  Unfortunately, the movie never got made.  Kubrick moved onto “A Clockwork Orange,” “Barry Lyndon,” and other greatness, but he never forgot Napoleon.

Sadly, Kubrick died before getting to make his dream movie.  Now, Allison Castle, (who worked on the “Stanley Kubrick Archives,” book which, by the way, is also awesome,) has complied Kubrick’s notes, photos and research to allow readers into Kubrick’s development process.

The book is leather bound, in a slip-case, and then that opens to reveal seven little books. The fact that it’s published by Taschen is both exciting and disappointing.  It’s exciting because you know everything about the book will be awesome.  The design and presentation will be mind-blowing.  However, it’s disappointing because it’s going to cost you.  The book runs $700.  I have already started saving my pennies.  If you’re intrigued, want to get your hands on a copy now, or whatever, here’s more information, (including a video featuring Kubrick’s widow talking about the book,) check out Taschen’s web-site.

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