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Cameron Talks “Avatar” Sequels

James Cameron is one week away from the opening of “Avatar,” one of the most talked about movies of the year.  Already the question is being asked, ‘what’s next?’  Cameron is said to be working on a remake of “Fantastic Voyage,” the story of scientists shrunk down and placed into the blood stream of a patient.  However, he’ll only be producing.  What about an “Avatar” sequel?  Cameron says it’s very possible.

Cameron says that he can envision a second and third movie in the story and, in fact, it’ll be cheaper than the first.  Part of the high cost of the first movie came from the cost to create the programs to animate the movie.  Cameron says with that cost out of the way, the cost of any sequel would be much cheaper than the first movie.

Press screenings of “Avatar” have started only in the past few days and, so far, the reviews are very good.  Both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter have positive reviews.

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