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Phillips Talks “Hangover 2”

Todd Phillips, director of this summer’s hit comedy, “The Hangover,” has talked about the plans for a sequel.  Phillips made the comments while putting the finishing touches on his next movie, “Due Date,” which stars Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis.  (Phillips said that he is “in awe of Zach.”)

Meanwhile, the plans for “Hangover 2,” call for the script to be finished shortly, shooting to begin this summer, and a release for Memorial day, 2011.  Phillips says that while Vegas was the perfect backdrop for the first movie, it may not be a part of the second film.  “What’s really ultimately appealing about ‘The Hangover’ is these four guys and their interaction,” says Phillips.  “It’s not even Vegas. It’s not so much the device as it is the characters… you can take those guys and put them somewhere else and go through a new set of situations and circumstances and hopefully it’s just as interesting.”

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