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IFFBoston 2010: Who’s Going to Be There?

One of the best parts of any festival is getting a chance to meet the people behind the project, whether directors, producers, or actors. I’ve been talking about ‘The Extra Man‘ quite a bit and how Kevin Kline and one of its directors Robert Pulcini will be in attendance (and if you haven’t bought a ticket for opening night, do so here). But who else is going to be at the festival?

Lucky for your IFFBoston gave us a list!

  • Todd Solondz, director of Life During Wartime
  • Eric Byler, director of 9500 Liberty
  • Linas Phillips, director/star of Bass Ackwards
  • Malcolm Ingram, director of Bear Nation
  • Miao Wang, director of Beijing Taxi
  • Ruba Nadda, director of Cairo Time
  • Allison Elwood, producer of Casino Jack & The United States of Money
  • Etienne Sauret, director of Dirty Pictures
  • Henry Corra, director of The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan
  • Robert Patton Spruill, director of Do It Again
  • Geoff Edgers, producer/subject of Do It Again
  • Warren Zanes, member of the Del Fuegos/featured in Do it Again
  • Amber Benson, director of Drones/ “Tara” from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Mike Webber, director of The Elephant In The Living Room
  • Chico Colvard, director of Family Affair
  • Katie Aselton, director/star of The Freebie
  • Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker, directors of How To Fold A Flag
  • Michel Negroponte, director of I Am Dangerous With Love
  • Ricki Stern, director of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
  • Michael Pertnoy, director of The Last Survivor
  • Wes Orshoski, director of Lemmy
  • Jason Springarn-Koff, director of Life 2.0
  • Bryan Poyser, director of Lovers of Hate
  • Chris Doubek, star of Lovers of Hate
  • Kevin Walsh, producer of Marwencol
  • David Lee Miller, director of My Suicide
  • Kyle Martin, producer of NY Export: Opus Jazz
  • Laura Poitras, director of The Oath
  • Liz Canner, director of Orgasm, Inc.
  • Meghan Eckman, director of The Parking Lot Movie
  • Rebekah Fergusson, director of Pelada
  • Garth Donovan, director of Phillip The Fossil
  • Brian Hasenfus, star of Phillip The Fossil
  • Steve Holmgren, producer of Putty Hill
  • Gil Reyes, director of Searching For Elliott Smith
  • Kerthy Fix, director of Strange Powers
  • Omar Majeed, director of Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam
  • Lena Dunham, director of Tiny Furniture
  • Rebecca Richman Cohen, director of War Don Don
  • Debra Granik, director of Winter’s Bone
  • John Hawkes, star of Winter’s Bone (also from Me, You, and Everyone We Know, Deadwood, and Lost)
  • Jonathan Lisecki, director of Gayby
  • Paul Lovelace, director of Iowa Mixtape
  • Wendy Greene, director of Snake Fever
  • Chris Teague, director of Monkeywrench
  • Max Hoffman, director of Athena
  • Sara Colangelo, director of Little Accidents
  • Jeff Sousa, director of The Hirosaki Players

Buy your tickets for IFFBoston here.

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Images source: http://twitter.com/IFFBoston

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