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IFFBoston ’11 Spotlight: Sahkanaga

Sahkanaga Teaser from Gran Gran Pics LLC on Vimeo.

Inspired by the 2002 Tri-State Crematory scandal in the Appalachian foothills of northwest Georgia, where over 300 bodies were discovered strewn about the property in various stages of decay, ‘Sahkanaga’ imagines the event from a teenager who stumbles upon the first body.

The filmmaker, John Henry Summerour, developed the script at the Screenwriters Colony on Nantucket, grew up only miles away from the crematory, and developed the story based on real experiences. The films cast is made up of locals, and shot on Super16. The results in the trailer look haunting.

‘Sahkanaga’ screens Saturday, April 30th at 7:45pm at the Somerville Theater.

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