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‘Booster’ Added to IFFBoston 2012 Lineup

The Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston) announced yesterday that the feature film ‘Booster’ was added to the festival lineup. Filmed in Boston, and directed by Boston native Matt Ruskin, ‘Booster’ stars Boston-based actors Nico Stone, Adam DuPaul, and Brian McGrail alongside legendary John Cassavetes and Wes Anderson collaborator, Seymour Cassel.

Matt Ruskin, Seymour Cassel, and the rest of the cast will be in attendance for the screening which is set for the evening of Saturday April 28th at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, Somerville. (See the full list of whose attending IFFBoston Screenings here)

Tickets for IFFBoston will be available soon, and will be available for purchase at IFFBoston.org – look to Lonelyreviewer for continued coverage of IFFBoston 2012.

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