Film Review: Deadpool

“Deadpool” is the first of the Marvel films to receive a ‘R’ rating, and rightly so. The character, very much an anti-hero, is the antithesis of most of the other Marvel Universe characters to hit the screen. He’s crude, excessively violent, and has a dark sense of humor to boot.

Film Review: The Big Short

Midway through “The Big Short,” something hit me. Going into the film, I knew its basic premise: how a bunch of investors made money off the housing crisis. What I didn’t realize was how big a moment the implosion of America’s housing bubble was, and how the ensuing economic crash affected my life and the …

Film Review: Victoria

Victoria is currently out in limited release. I remember last year when Birdman premiered at the Venice Film Festival. No, I wasn’t there (I’m not nearly that successful or fancy), but thanks to this handy thing known as the internet, the Oscar buzz pretty much started instantly.