IFFBoston 2010 Review: Erasing David

‘Erasing David’ is a compelling and quite frightening documentary that brings to light the reality that even if you wanted to, it would be impossible to erase your digital foot print. The director and the main focus of ‘Erasing David,’ David Bond, set out to find out just how much information about him is out …

IFFB Review: Twelve

‘Twelve’ could have easily derailed given its circumstances. 12 separate short films, each helmed by a different director, some overlap in story (but they’re mostly scarce nods to earlier pieces), each with a different tone and approach.

IFFB Review: Song Sung Blue

“This is what it’s like if you live the dream.”- Mike Sardina Lighting & Thunder are a performing duo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and if you want to see, hear and experience the music of Neil Diamond and Patsy Cline, you can do no better than to see them play.