Film Review: Rush

Rush opens in theaters everywhere today, September 27. Check GoWatchIt for showtimes. International receipts are growing in importance. The box office used to be won and lost on American soil but things are certainly changing. Pacific Rim may have underperformed domestically but with an Asian market ravenously consuming it, sequel talks have managed to germinate. …

DVD Review: Angels & Demons

There are two types of Ron Howard movies: those that are clearly award bait, (“Apollo 13,” “Frost/Nixon,” “A Beautiful Mind,”) and those that are not, (“The Paper,” “Ransom,” and “The Grinch.”)  His most recent movie, an adaptation of Dan Brown’s best selling book, “Angels & Demons” is one of the later.

Ron Howard to Helm Stretch Armstrong Movie?

I’ve been skeptical of the Hasbro/Universal Pictures tie-in since its first announced. But obviously, certain Hasbro Properties lend well to this (GI Joe), but then, there is Stretch Armstrong. It’s not just bad that Stretch Armstrong and “movie” are in the same sentence, but Business Week is putting Ron Howard in the director’s chair. If …

Review: Frost/Nixon

Recreating events from recently past history in a film is a tricky business.  If part of your audience remembers the event, the concern is that they’ll be looking at the details and not the overall story.  When your film is about a former president, the scrutiny is that much greater.

“Angels & Demons” Poster Released

Sony Pictures released the final poster for the new Tom Hanks/Ron Howard movie, “Angels & Demons.”  The movie is a follow-up to “The DaVinci Code.”  Sure that movie was under-whelming, and this poster is also under-whelming, but I’m still kinda intrigued by this one.  Check it out: