Video: “Don’t Ruin American Healthcare”

Our friend Rob Kutner has sent us his latest web short, his “critical contribution to the healthcare debate.” We’ve featured Kutner’s stuff in the past, his Juno parody “Jewno,” and his book “Apocolypse How.” Kutner is currently a writer for the ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ Check out his latest video below!

Apocalypse How from Daily Show Writer

A few months back we featured a parody of ‘Juno’ called ‘Jewno’ co-written by Daily Show writer Rob Kutner. Kutner is releasing a tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic survival guide called ‘Apocalypse How.’ The book goes through chapters on Food, Clothing, Social Life, Family, Marriage, Recreation, Career, Wealth, to prepare you for the upcoming “better” changes in the …