Short Film: “The Worst”

Short Film: “The Worst”

We’ve featured the work of Larry Cohen before, his film, Ice Hockey screened at IFFBoston in 2011, his follow-up, Brothers, screened at various festivals around the country. His latest film, The Worst, shows the directors progression in his craft, a more complex story with fascinating characters, and not to mention, a chase that recalls “The French Connection.”

The Worst stars Dean Winters and Britt Lower, and tells the story of a girl who leaves everything she owns on the F train, and an off-duty MTA worker who decides to lend a hand.


Short Film: Brothers

Short Film: Brothers

Ice Hockey director Larry Cohen has finally released his last Kickstarter funded film, Brothers, online, to promote fundraising for his latest film, The Worst – which stars Dean Winters (Oz, 30 Rock, and best known as “Mayhem” in the All State Commercials). Brothers was an official election of the San Francisco International Film Festival, and tells the story of two brothers on a road trip to their grandmother’s funeral, with one of them not being aware of it.

It’s a great, well written, and expertly shot short, what we’ve come to expect from Cohen.

Check out the film below, and learn more about The Worst through its Kickstarter page.

Brothers from Larry Cohen on Vimeo.

Short Film: ICE HOCKEY

A few months back we had a great interview with the filmmakers behind the short ‘Ice Hockey,’ a great film from Larry Cohen that had its debut at IFFBoston. To celebrate the completion of his next film, Cohen has released Ice Hockey to the internet!

His follow up is called Brothers. A film that looks at the modern difficulty of communicating with your family. The film was finished principal photography in August, and they have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for finishing the film! Each contributor get a digital download and a thank you in the end of the credits, with the rewards growing at each contribution level. Check out the campaign here:

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, but for now enjoy ICE HOCKEY!

ICE HOCKEY from Larry Cohen on Vimeo.

‘Step Brothers’ Red Band Trailer!

Oh glories of glory. I’m growing more and more fond of the readily available red band trailers (thank you, the Internet!) for upcoming flicks. Nothing sells a movie better than to hear the words “camel dicks” during a marketing campaign. The upcoming Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly picture ‘Step Brothers’ has released the red band trailer for their movie. It’s basically what you saw in the general trailer, but extended and ten times funnier.

I’m too busy watching it again to find the high def version, so just check it out here in all of its YouTube-iness.