Jimmy Eat World to Perform Live Online

I know we haven’t been posting many “music” related news in the past few month, but I thought this one was of note. Jimmy Eat World recently completed a 10 city tour marking the 10th anniversary of the release of their ‘Clarity,’ record, an album some consider to be among their best. On the last stop on the tour (in their hometown of Tempe, AZ), the group recorded their performance, and have released ‘Clarity Live’ today available online only through their website, http://www.jimmyeatworld.com.

So to celebrate the release, and offer something to those who may have missed the tour, the band will be performing six songs requested by their fans via Twitter, today, 6pm PDT at their website, www.jimmyeatworld.com.

So check it out, and pick up the album, its excellent!

Concert Review: Jimmy Eat World – House of Blues Boston

Concert Review: Jimmy Eat World – House of Blues Boston

Jimmy Eat WorldIt’s been 10 years since Jimmy Eat World released ‘Clarity’ on Capitol Records. It was the first album that had Jim Adkins providing lead vocals, rather then Tom Linton. It wasn’t until leaving Capitol, and recording/self-releasing their next album ‘Bleed American,’ where the group made its jump to the mainstream, but ‘Clarity’ remains a fan favorite. So in recognition of this, Jimmy Eat World lined up a 10 city tour, to celebrate the 10 years it’s been since the record was released. I had the privilege to see them on their fourth night of touring at Boston’s newest music venue, the brand new House of Blues.
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