Justin Reviews: The Dark Knight

Justin Reviews: The Dark Knight

Batman and the JokerLong gone are the campy memories of Adam West as Batman. No more do we have the gothic tales of Burton’s tortured soul Batman. And Schumacher’s neon fetish Batman is now dead and buried (and, seriously, we’re all better for it). Thanks to Nolan’s gritty, neo-realistic interpretation of Batman in his 2005 flick ‘Batman Begins’, Batman is a man, a symbol, working to rally the hope of a blackened city to reclaim its greatness again. And that rally for the city to pull itself out of the darkness of the Narrows is challenged, put to the test, in this year’s utterly fantastic sequel, ‘The Dark Knight.’

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‘The Dark Knight’ Already Breaking Records

So the film officially comes out tonight (who’s got their midnight showing tickets in their sweaty little hands?), and while buzz about it has me thinking this movie could be the greatest thing since sliced bread and will pick up accolade after accolade, ‘The Dark Knight’ has already broken its first record before it’s even officially out of the gate. Apparently the film is now the official record-holder for largest amount of screenings for a film. The prior record holder was ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ with 4,366 domestic screenings. ‘The Dark Knight’ is opening with a staggering 9,200!! Still, you wonder if this will be enough to defeat ‘Space Chimps’, also opening this weekend, at the box office.

Check out the full report here!

Also, if you missed all of the viral marketing, check out this excellent wrap-up of the events in the campaign that tells the story of what happened in Gotham between ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ here!

Boku ‘Dark Knight’ Clips!

10 days to go until Christopher Nolan’s seemingly epic sequel, ‘The Dark Knight,’ hits theaters everywhere (I’ve already got my IMAX ticket in my hot little hands!). But for those of you who, like me, have decided to forgo patience for teaser clips, our friends at IGN have a bunch of new scenes from the film. Personally, I watched them all. Twice. Because I’m afraid I may actually die of excitement before the movie even comes out.

Check out all the goodness here!!!

‘Dark Knight’ TV Spot

I don’t usually post TV spots for upcoming movies. The closer we get to the film’s release date, they more they hit the airwaves. So why bother posting something that’s a dime-a-dozen? But this one TV spot made the fanboy in me get up and do the Dance of Joy. And if I’m moved to do a Meposian dance, I think it’s my sworn responsibility to uphold the journalistic integrities, that I sealed with blood my commitment to through Lonely Reviewer, and share it with all of you.

Check out this badass clip. A “poor choice of words” indeed.

‘Dark Shadows’ May Have a Director

The dynamic duo of Burton and Depp may be back together again on the big screen sooner than later. According to a report, Tim Burton is set up to direct the upcoming adaptation of the 60s cult television series, ‘Dark Shadows,’ with Depp rumored to star in the film. ‘Dark Shadows’ was an elaborate series involving ghosts, vampires, witches and other monsters, all set in a soap opera style show that can be described as “right up Tim Burton’s alley.”

Right now there’s only one source for this info and it doesn’t really confirm Depp’s involvement, but for all you peeps who love Depp and Burton or all you peeps who love their characters to be zombies caught in a love triangle, check out the story here!

New ‘The Dark Knight’ Poster

New ‘The Dark Knight’ Poster

Dark Knight Poster

Can I get a hell yeah?! The latest poster for ‘The Dark Knight’ kicks all sorts of ass. This poster is epic! Oh July 18th, why aren’t you here now?

The poster can be found off of the Why So Serious? website. And note the bottom of the tampered page full of tampered President pics: as of today we have 4 days until something.

Check out the site here! And click on the knife to see the full, latest ‘The Dark Knight’ poster!